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CNC machined parts with texture and hard chrome

A CNC machined parts made in Realhao Industrial was required to make MT 11006 texture on the surface. MT 11006 is a common texture designed by Mold-Tech. It has been used for plastic injection molds, mold components, CNC machined parts etc. We can ask them to make this texture on the machined parts in the branch factory in Dongguan, China. But the problem is the customer want to coat the machined metal parts with chrome after making texture. This is a big problem. Because MT 11006 is a kind of very light texture. The depth of the texture is only 0.027mm. And the thickness of the chrome coating is minimum 0.01mm. Will the texture be affected by chrome coating? No body know it because never tried it. We asked the customer that they [more]....

CNC Machined Prototype-Watch Cover

Rapid prototypes made by CNC machining are widely used in automotive, home appliance, medical facilities and equipment, electronic products etc. We not only can make CNC machined prototype but also make SLA prototype, SLM prototype,. With 15 CNC machines in house, we machined 1500 pieces of CNC machined prototype each month.

Lead time: 3 days for CNC machining, 4 days for high light polishing.
Requirements: High light polished. Light transmission must be over 97%.
Processing: Making parts by CNC machining. Polishing it by human[more]. . ....

CNC Machined Metal Parts---Mold Custom Made Inserts

In China, most plastic injection molds manufacturers can make different kinds of standard molds according to customer detailed requirements. But there are four kinds of mold standards are used more. There are HASCO, DME, MISUMI, LKM. But what is the difference among those standards? Why do we need to make different standard components?

First, we want to let you know most of the mold standard components are made by CNC machining. But they are made according a established standard It is not only convenient for you to exchange the standard inserts but also the cost of standard components are cheaper than custom made components. Because there are thousands of plastic injection mold components made[more] ....