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CNC Machined Metal Parts---Mold Standard Components


In China, most plastic injection molds manufacturers can make different kinds of standard molds according to customer detailed requirements. But there are four kinds of mold standards are used more. There are HASCO, DME, MISUMI, LKM. But what is the difference among those standards? Why do we need to make different standard components?


First, we want to let you know most of the mold standard components are made by CNC machining. But they are made according a established standard It is not only convenient for you to exchange the standard inserts but also the cost of standard components are cheaper than custom made components. Because there are thousands of plastic injection mold components made by CNC machining, electrical discharge machining, CNC turning etc. It will cost so much and waste lot of time if you have to make the each components in a mold shop. So the mold standard components are made for this market. It helps us to short our lead time and lower the cost. And the most important is we can improve our working efficiency and keep the quality. The main plastic injection mold standard components are made by HASCOM, DME, LKM, MISUMI.


HASCO comes from Germany. But it is used by most of European countries because of high quality, easy for exchanging etc. HASCO mold components adopt the unit of metric system. DME comes from United States. It adopts the unit of British system. This is the big difference between the two standard components. DME are mainly used in United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil etc. But most of the two standard components can be exchanged for use if the size of components is the same. Many DME components are made with the same size of HASCO standard. LKM are the biggest supplier for mold components and mold base. Many purchasers appointed to use LKM mold base and components to make sure the quality. LKM also adopts metric system to make standard components. But the difference between LKM and HASCO is big. They adopt different quality management.
RH Precision can make all the three kinds of mold standard components. RH Precision has high precision CNC machines, electrical discharge machines, grinding machine, CNC turning machines in house. With 10 years experience on mold components making, we know different kinds of mold standard well.


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